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Cobh 2023

Sons of the Desert

Welcome to Jitterbugs Ireland, Tent #220 of our beloved 'Sons of the Desert' Laurel and Hardy appreciation society. We are the only Sons Tent in Southern Ireland, and currently meet two to three times a year where we enjoy our Laurel & Hardy movies, have a drink (optional), hold our raffle, chat and swap stories and of course there's the toast and our famous sing song “Sons of the Desert” (see below for lyrics).

So come on in and look around and if you wish to join (personally we think it would be one of the best decisions you made like the the time we bought Brooklyn Bridge), simply pop along to our next meeting, or contact us via the 'Contact Page'


Hope to see you on Saturday 11th Feb 3pm - 6pm. Bring a friend and have some fun.
Google Map Link for full directions.

Sons of the Desert Lyrics

"We are the Sons of the Desert
Having the time of our lives
Marching along, two thousand strong
Far from our sweethearts and wives
god bless them
Tramp tramp tramp, the boys are marching
And dancing to this melody
Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm,
Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm
Sons of the Desert are we"


Cobh updates and delegates list can be found Here with up to date news and delegates as the list grows.

Our very own Grand Sheik Liam Muldowney has recently published his latest book entitled 'Near Dublin'. Containing over two decades of research, Near Dublin tells the story of the visits to Irish shores in the early 1950's of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Drawing on newspaper interviews, personal recollections and archive material, it follows their every move as they became a bit Irish for a small time.
Find out what Oliver Hardy thought of the selection of Whiskey on offer and what he made of the price of eating out in the capital. Discover if Stan Laurel was able to get to go on a fishing trip to Poulaphauca Lake and if he managed to outsmart the doctors in Belfast.
With rare photographs and anecdotes, this is the real story of what they thought of Ireland and of what Ireland thought of them.
To order your own copy, simply follow this link for
Hardback or Paperback