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Meeting Reports

Meeting of 29th March 2015

On a bright evening in March, the Jitterbugs Tent gathered in our club home of the RTE studios in Dublin for another fun packed howl of a night with Messer's Laurel and Hardy.
Thankfully, the room was confirmed booked this time and we didn't have a Stan and Ollie moment where we had to serve our own drinks at the bar!Colin Howe We unveiled our new pull up banners and they met the approval of all gathered. We had a surprise attendee in the form of Patrick O'Leary, a sprightly 92 year old gent who actually saw Laurel and Hardy onstage at Dublin's Olympia Theatre in 1953. We were enthralled by his stories and very vivid memories of that particular night and of his stories from Dublin in the 1950s and 1960s. Patrick loved cinema and theatre and had spent his life attending them, sometimes up to 3 times per day! He was a delight to have and we look forward to meeting him again.
The room was quite full and it was fabulous to see so many children laughing at the antics of the boys.
Our raffle provided some fun when one or two of the prizes ceased to exist and one even ceased to work by the meeting's end. D'oh!
Jitterbugs member Colin Howe also caused an upset when I received a call at the start of proceedings with his apologies. He would not be able to make it!
Oh dear!!! You see, we had organised a birthday cake surprise for Colin to help celebrate his recent half century (that's 50 years old for those of you who dropped outta school).
With a threat of expulsion from the Tent and a promise to visit him during the night and put a bat in his boxers, Colin duly hung up and drove like Stan in County Hospital to get there. He arrived with son Zak and received the adulation he deserved and a huge resounding chorus of Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you look like a monkey and you smell... you know the rest!
We continued with our meeting and our loyal toasts were performed by some of the members in situ and quite an average job they did too!
Laughter, howls, and many smiles once more as the Jitterbugs sure know how to plan a meal (Meeting)... Liam